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2nd EA Debts Student Conference (Updated)

We are happy to conduct the second student conference on enterprise architecture debts. The conference will be online again and


Presentation at PoEM’21

Simon had the honor to present the joint work with Muhammad and Dominik on identifying EA Smells in knowledge graphs


Presentation for EA Smells based on Software Architecture Smells

September 1, Benny presented the outcomes of his master thesis synthesized into a research article presented at the Conference of


Fruitful discussions at SoEA4EE Workshop

Monday October 25, Jürgen and Simon presented the outcomes of several workshops conducted with industry at the SoEA4EE workshop helt



We are using slack to exchange with each other

To foster the exchange between us, we are using slack. The idea is to create a plattform where we can


Mail list online

Thanks to the KTH, our mail list is online. The list is intended for sharing information, events, and other for