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Towards an Ontology for EA Debts

Recently, Ada and Simon started the development of an ontology for Enterprise Architecture (EA) Debt. It delves into the nuances


Article Published in CSIMQ Journal

We are happy to see the first article in the domain of EA Debt being published. It results from two


Paper accepted at EMMSAD’23

At this year’s EMMSAD, Jürgen will present the results of an experiment with some students to evaluate if the concept


3rd EA Debts Student Conference

We are happy to conduct the third student conference on enterprise architecture debts. The conference will be online again and



We are using slack to exchange with each other

To foster the exchange between us, we are using slack. The idea is to create a plattform where we can


Mail list online

Thanks to the KTH, our mail list is online. The list is intended for sharing information, events, and other for