Theses in the Domain of EA Debts

Here we list all theses with relation to the EA Debts topic. If you are interested in writing your bachelor or master thesis on the topic, please have a look at Open Theses. If you like a topic, but it is not offered at your university, simply contact the related supervisor and we will try to find a satisfying solution.

Open Theses


Developing Measurements for Enterprise Architecture Debts

Background In the software development industry, technical debt is regarded as a critical issue in terms of the negative consequences

Running Theses


Developing Measurements for Data-Flow Anti-Patterns in the Domain of Enterprise Architecture Debts

Background Technical debt is a metaphor that describes the tradeoff often made between short-term solutions in a software system and


Developing Measurements for Software Architectural Smells in the Domain of Enterprise Architecture Debts

Background Enterprise Architecture Debt, EAD, has been defined as “the counterpart to Technical Debt” in the domain of Enterprise Architecture.

Finnished Theses


Defining Thresholds for Enterprise Architecture Debts Measurements

Background Technical Debt (TD) is a well-established concept in software development and means that a solution that is “quick and


Towards a Catalogue of Process-Related Enterprise Architecture Smells

Process anti-patterns are a common technique for documenting counterproductive solutions to reoccurring problems. Process smells document a similar thing while