Publications on the Topic of EA Debts



Bråtfors, Robin; Hacks, Simon; Bork, Dominik

Historization of Enterprise Architecture Models Via Enterprise Architecture Knowledge Graphs Inproceedings Forthcoming

In: Barn, Balbir S.; Sandkuhl, Kurt (Ed.): The Practice of Enterprise Modeling, Springer International Publishing, Cham, Forthcoming.

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Maqsood, Ather; Alexander, Peter; Lichter, Horst; Tanachutiwat, Sansiri

A Viewpoints-Based Analysis of Enterprise Architecture Debt Inproceedings

In: Wang, Chua-Chin; Nallanathan, Arumugam (Ed.): Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Signal Processing and Information Communications, pp. 133–154, Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2022, ISBN: 978-3-031-13181-3.

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Hacks, Simon; Smajevic, Muhamed; Bork, Dominik

Using Knowledge Graphs to Detect Enterprise Architecture Smells (Extended Abstract) Inproceedings Forthcoming

In: Leopold, Henrik; Proper, Henderik A. (Ed.): EMISA 2022, Forthcoming.




Liss, Lukas; Kämmerling, Henrik; Alexander, Peter; Lichter, Horst

Towards a Catalog of Refactoring Solutions for Enterprise Architecture Smells Inproceedings

In: Gan, Benjamin; Ouh, Eng Lieh; Wadhwa, Bimlesh; Chawla, Shailey; Lichter, Horst; Aydin, Selin; Sunetnanta, Thanwadee; Anwar, Toni (Ed.): Joint Proceedings of SEED 2021 & QuASoQ 2021 co-located with 28th Asia Pacific Software Engineering Conference 2021, Taipei [Virtual], December 6, 2021, pp. 60–69,, 2021.

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Jung, Jürgen; Hacks, Simon; Gooijer, Thijmen; Kinnunen, Matti; Rehring, Kevin

Revealing Common Enterprise Architecture Debts: Conceptualization and Critical Reflection on a Workshop Format Industry Experience Report Inproceedings

In: 2021 IEEE 25th International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Workshop (EDOCW), pp. 271-278, 2021.

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Smajevic, Muhamed; Hacks, Simon; Bork, Dominik

Using Knowledge Graphs to Detect Enterprise Architecture Smells Inproceedings

In: Serral, Estefanía; Stirna, Janis; Ralyté, Jolita; Grabis, Jānis (Ed.): The Practice of Enterprise Modeling, pp. 48–63, Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2021, ISBN: 978-3-030-91279-6.

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Tieu, Benny; Hacks, Simon

Determining Enterprise Architecture Smells from Software Architecture Smells Inproceedings

In: 2021 IEEE 23rd Conference on Business Informatics (CBI), pp. 134-142, IEEE, 2021.

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Hacks, Simon; Jung, Jürgen

Enterprise Architecture Debts — A Concept to Manage EA Evolution? Miscellaneous

ICIS 2020 TREOs, 2020.

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Lehmann, Barry-Detlef; Alexander, Peter; Lichter, Horst; Hacks, Simon

Towards the Identification of Process Anti-Patterns in Enterprise Architecture Models Inproceedings

In: 8th International Workshop on Quantitative Approaches to Software Quality in conjunction with the 27th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2020), pp. 47-54, CEUR-WS, 2020.

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Alexander, Peter; Hacks, Simon; Jung, Jürgen; Steffens, Ulrike; Uludag, Ömer; Lichter, Horst

A Framework for Managing Enterprise Architecture Debts – Outline and Research Directions Inproceedings

In: Koschmider, Agnes; Michael, Judith; Thalheim, Bernhard (Ed.): 10th International Workshop on Enterprise Modeling and Information Systems Architectures, Kiel, Germany, May 14-15, 2020, pp. 5–10,, 2020.

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Salentin, Johannes; Hacks, Simon

Towards a Catalog of Enterprise Architecture Smells Incollection

In: Gronau, Norbert; Heine, Moreen; Poustcchi, K; Krasnova, H (Ed.): WI2020 Community Tracks, pp. 276–290, GITO Verlag, 2020, ISBN: 9783955453367.

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Yeong, Yoon Chow; Hacks, Simon; Lichter, Horst

Prioritization of EA Debts Facilitating Portfolio Theory Inproceedings

In: Lichter, Horst; Fögen, Konrad; Sunetnanta, Thanwadee; Anwar, Toni (Ed.): Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Quantitative Approaches to Software Quality co-located with 26th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC 2019), pp. 45–52,, 2019.

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Petterson, Dan; Hacks, Simon; Lagerström, Robert

Using EA Debts to Steer Digitalization in Agile Environments Miscellaneous

Digitalize in Stockholm, 2019.

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Hacks, Simon; Hofert, Hendrik; Salentin, Johannes; Yeong, Yoon Chow; Lichter, Horst

Towards the Definition of Enterprise Architecture Debts Inproceedings

In: IEEE 23rd International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Workshop (EDOCW), pp. 9–16, IEEE, 2019, ISBN: 978-1-7281-4598-3.

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