Abstract accepted for Presentation at TREO Talks at ICIS 2020

Simon Hacks and Jürgen Jung got their proposal for a talk on the topic “Enterprise Architecture Debts – A Concept to Manage EA Evolution?” accepted. They will give a presentation at the ICIS 2020 from December 13 to 16, 2020.

In their talk, they will explain the concept of EA Debts by different examples they have seen in industry and explain the first version of the EA Debt Management Framework. The presentation will be concluded by the illustration of their actual research and possibilities for future work in the domain.

Do not miss the chance and visit them at their TREO talk.

Related Work

Hacks, Simon; Jung, Jürgen

Enterprise Architecture Debts -- A Concept to Manage EA Evolution? Miscellaneous

ICIS 2020 TREOs, 2020.

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