Presentation of Process Anti-Patterns in EA Models

In the 8th edition of the QuASoQ workshop took the presentation of Barry Lehmann place, who presented his work on “Towards the Identification of Process Anti-Patterns in Enterprise Architecture Models”. This work was based on his Bachelor thesis, written at the RWTH Aachen University.

Almost 20 participants listened to Barry’s presentation. In his presentation, he explained how he analyzed an existing catalog of process related anti-patterns and transferred the relevant ones to the domain of EA Models. Moreover, he published a catalog of the anti-patterns.

If you are interrested in the presentation, you can download it here.

Related Work

Hacks, Simon; Jung, Jürgen

Enterprise Architecture Debts -- A Concept to Manage EA Evolution? Miscellaneous

ICIS 2020 TREOs, 2020.

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