Presentation at EMISA 2022 in Luxembourg

June 3, 2022 is the date on which we were able to go back to in presence presentations again. After almost 2.5 years and the presentation of the concept of EA Smells at the WI 2020 in Potsdam, Simon and Dominik presented their work on automatizing the detection of EA Smells in EA models. Besides resuming on the outcomes of our previous research, we were also able to provide a first glimpse on our forthcoming work, hopefully to be presented at EDOC and PoEM this year.

We thank all the listeners in the audience and the interesting discussions after the presentation.

Related Publications

Hacks, Simon; Smajevic, Muhamed; Bork, Dominik

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In: Leopold, Henrik; Proper, Henderik A. (Ed.): EMISA 2022, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. 2022.

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Smajevic, Muhamed; Hacks, Simon; Bork, Dominik

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Smajevic, Muhamed; Bork, Dominik

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