Presentation at PoEM’21

Simon had the honor to present the joint work with Muhammad and Dominik on identifying EA Smells in knowledge graphs at the PoEM conference. In their work, they transformed EA models to knowledge graphs and defined cypher queries for 14 EA Smells to automate their detection. To validate their approach, they analyzed 347 ArchiMate models gathered from GitHub.

More than 40 participants listened to the presentation. In the discussion, two points were raised: Firstly, if a smell is found, there needs necessarily an issue in the real world. This is not the case as smells are just an indicator and the model representation could also be wrong. Secondly, it was asked what the organization needs to do if a smell is found and if there are already refactoring patterns, which can be facilitated. This is not the case and will be addressed in future research.

We thank our audience and look forward to the next chance to present our work. The slides can be found here.

Related Publication

Smajevic, Muhamed; Hacks, Simon; Bork, Dominik

Using Knowledge Graphs to Detect Enterprise Architecture Smells Proceedings Article

In: Serral, Estefanía; Stirna, Janis; Ralyté, Jolita; Grabis, Jānis (Ed.): The Practice of Enterprise Modeling, pp. 48–63, Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2021, ISBN: 978-3-030-91279-6.

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