Presentation at EMISA’21

On May, 20 Peter and Jürgen were honored to open the EMISA’21 with the first scientific presentation. Jürgen started the presentation by introducing the concept of EA Debts and giving some real-world examples. Then, Peter took over and introduced the proposed management approach, followed by an outline of future research for each of the phases.

We received positive feedback and the call for automated assessment support of EA Debts from the audience. We thank the audience for their questions and impulses. We are looking forward to meet you all again at EMISA 2022 in Luxembourg.

Related Work

Alexander, Peter; Hacks, Simon; Jung, Jürgen; Steffens, Ulrike; Uludag, Ömer; Lichter, Horst

A Framework for Managing Enterprise Architecture Debts - Outline and Research Directions Proceedings Article

In: Koschmider, Agnes; Michael, Judith; Thalheim, Bernhard (Ed.): 10th International Workshop on Enterprise Modeling and Information Systems Architectures, Kiel, Germany, May 14-15, 2020, pp. 5–10,, 2020.

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