Successful Presentation at ICIS TREO Talks

On December, 15 Simon and Jürgen presented successfully the concept of EA Debts to the interested audience at the ICIS 2020. In the completely new setting of a digital poster presentation, we sketched the history of the concept stemming from the concept of Technical Debt and its widening to a more holistic view on the organization. We followed up by giving an example to illustrate the concept’s application in a organizational context. Finally, we talked about what we have done so far and what are we planning for our future research.

We like to thank also the audience for raising interesting questions and the comparison to the concept of sunk costs that we will investigate more detailed in future.

Related Work

Hacks, Simon; Jung, Jürgen

Enterprise Architecture Debts -- A Concept to Manage EA Evolution? Miscellaneous

ICIS 2020 TREOs, 2020.

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